Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)
Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)

Ligament Stretching Belt (Black)

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Get the relief you deserve!

Legs Flex is a unique stretching aid that assists in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, and calf, thigh, hip, and low back strains and injuries.

To aid in physical mobility and flexibility, the Legs Flex cradle design surrounds the entire foot, allowing for a comfortable stretch to the foot, heel, Achilles tendon, hamstring, quadriceps, inner/outer thigh, and calf. The innovative design alleviates stress on the heel, encourages relaxed breathing, and affords superior dorsiflexion of the toes.

Legs Flex is ideal for people with limited flexibility or range of motion. Made of a comfortable poly laminate and webbing, this unique stretching aid features multiple strap loops for personal control


The Legs Flex is excellent for anyone:

  • Looking to improve their flexibility.
  • Completing pre- or post-surgery rehab.
  • Treating a leg injury.
  • Experiencing plantar fasciitis, strained Achilles tendons, Achilles tendinopathy, or Myofascial pain.

Whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, incorporating Legs Flex into your at-home exercise and stretching routine will take your stretching abilities to the next level. It’s great for yoga, too!


Legs Flex is ideal for people looking to treat pain or soreness caused by plantar fasciitis, strained Achilles tendons, Achilles tendinopathy, myofascial pain.


Legs Flex is made with quality durable nylon and features multiple sturdy loops, allowing you to tailor and vary your stretches. It has a wide range of uses and is the perfect tool for any dancer, yogi, athlete, physical therapist, or rehab patient. 


Provides Support – The stretch strap provides you with additional stability during unassisted stretches and poses, and is highly effective for athletes, dancers, or for physical therapy.

Prevents Injury – By stretching with the Legs Flex every day, you elongate your muscles around the joints, which helps to increase your range of motion and, in turn, helps you avoid injury.

Allows Safe Stretching – The innovative band facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and will make you more and more flexible with every use.

An All-In-One Design – Legs Flex features 6 loops that can be used to meet your individual exercise needs, and is suited for yoga, ballet, pilates, workouts, sports training, relaxing, and flexibility training.

Lie on your back to stretch the outer hip, hamstring, and gluteus.

While lying on your back, use the strap to guide your foot across the body in a controlled motion to stretch the hip and glute. Pulling the strap toward you in this position can also provide a stretch to the hamstrings.

Use while standing or lying face-down to stretch the quadriceps (quads).

If standing, it is recommended a chair or other stationary object be used for balance. To stretch the quadriceps, use your free hand and arm to pull upwards on the strap, moving your heel up and toward your seat, effectively stretching the quads.

Use while seated to stretch the plantar fascia, foot, or calf.

While seated on the chair or floor, pull the strap toward you to stretch the bottom of the foot/plantar fascia. This stretch is commonly prescribed to those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The position can also be used to stretch the calf with the leg fully extended.


Length: 44.8in (114cm)

Footpad: 9.4×3.5 in (24×13.5cm)

Each loop: approximately 6.7×8 in (17x23cm)

Package Included:

1 x Legs Flex


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